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CoolPoly® E-Series

E-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly® D-Series

D-Series thermally conductive polymers combine thermal conductivity and electrical isolation in standard pellet form.

CoolPoly® Elastomers

CoolPoly thermally conductive elastomers are available in both electrically conductive (E-Series) & electrically insulative (D-Series) grades.

Xyloy™ Injection Moldable Metals

Xyloy injection moldable metals are lightweight alloys processed on standard plastic injection molding equipment to produce 3-dimensional net shape parts using a single step molding process.

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Material Selection

Try our material selection tool or contact our sales department, we are happy to assist you.

Design & Design Assistance

Cool Polymers is staffed with experienced thermal engineers who can help you determine your application specific needs.

Prototyping, Tooling & Automation

Our experienced mold designers, tool makers and machinists can custom-build prototypes and high volume, production injection molds.


In-house material, component, and system testing capabilities.

CoolPoly Thermally Conductive Plastics FOR Light Emitting Diodes (LED)


Low Thermal Resistance

Low Cost

3-Dimensional Complexity

Light Weight

Added Convective Surfaces

Component Integration


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